Creation of two documentary videos which portray Europe‘s multiculturalism

European values are currently being forgotten and are often taken for granted. Simultaneously, nationalist tendencies are increasing in many EU countries. People isolate themselves from other cultures and opinions, thus majorly impacting their political orientation and voting behaviour. For adolescents it is beneficial to get to know foreign cultures, to expand their horizons and to not hold on to outdated opinions or prejudices.

The videos were filmed while we travelled through Europe with the Interrail ticket in the summer of 2019. Their motive was that us learning from other travellers and finding common values should help viewers better understand the importance of informing oneself about different opinions, cultures and outlookson life. Our tasks range from the conception and the planning of the videos over shooting video footage and audio material to the post-production of the documentary films. The products are finalised for publication on the online video-platforms YouTube and Vimeo.

Sarah Glavan
Ida Wagenhofer
Sarah Loos