Language Week of the 4AHEL in Bray

Experience the Magic of Ireland

Welcome to the travelogue on our memorable language week in Ireland! As a group of 19 students, accompanied by two experienced teachers, Ms Nussbaumer and Mr Struber, we went on a journey to the captivating island. Our days were filled with exploring enchanting places like Dublin, Glendalough or Powerscourt Gardens, scenic walks along cliffs, Irish dancing sessions and trying traditional dishes. On four out of seven days, we dedicated half of our time to attending a language school, improving our skills in a new environment. Join us as we recount our experiences during this magnificent language week, offering insights into our unforgettable time in Ireland!

Visiting the highlights of Dublin

With easy access from Bray to Dublin, we discovered its heritage and landmarks. Our first stop was the St. Andrew´s cathedral which is an integral part of Dublin´s history. Sadly, this church is now a museum. Afterwards we headed to Trinity College where we explored the campus but also learned about its history and importance. It is a fascinating place and has even been the film set of a famous TV series. After that, we gathered around the statue of Oscar Wilde where our tour guide told us about his life and impact on the Irish society/people. While making our way to Grafton Street, we came by a sculpture symbolising the famine and suffering of the Irish people. But that´s not all, on a second trip to Dublin we visited Guinness Storehouse and Teeling Whiskey Distillery, two absolute “must-see” places.


A thrilling hiking trip on Bray Head

Embarking on the hike on Bray Head, we had a magnificent view of the sea from this hill. The walking tour was pleasantly short, leaving enough time to enjoy nature's beauty. At the summit, we took a break and ate a snack while enjoying the great panorama. Surprisingly, the weather was sunny the whole trip long (even the whole week long!), enhancing our experience. The trail involved some exciting climbs, adding adventure to the cliff walk. Descending proved confusing, splitting the group briefly, but in the end, all of us reached the destination Greystones safely. To make this outing more memorable, we collected wood for a bonfire a small group of us made at dusk, lugging it to the next town before catching the bus.

Enjoying evening entertainment

Our evening programme in Ireland contained a wide range of activities. Guess what, we even tried Irish dancing. With the help of a great dancing instructor, we were able to learn some of the basic moves. Although the dancing was very exhausting, we had a lot of fun. Another great activity was laser tag, even though it had some technical issues it was still an exhilarating and competitive adventure. The highlight of the week was the vibrant atmosphere at the Harbour Bar, where we enjoyed live music and a pint of Guinness. Last but not least, we will never forget the evenings we spent at the beach, probably a quite unusual experience for Ireland.

Getting to know cultural characteristics

As you explore Ireland, you'll notice a charming landscape adorned with small brick houses. Stepping inside, you'll find that everything is compactly designed, with tiny rooms and narrow staircases. In comparison to Austria, the rooms may be smaller, but there are more of them, giving the families the opportunity to host students like us.

By visiting Glendalough, which was founded by the priest St. Kevin in the 6th, we caught a glimpse of how people lived in the early Middle Ages.

Ireland is known for its friendly and polite people. It's customary to greet everyone you meet and inquire about their well-being.

Although some locals may challenge the stereotype, you'll come across many redheads, affectionately called gingers.

When you feel hungry, we recommend trying the national dish of Ireland, “Fish and Chips”. It's worth noting that the preparation and cooking style may differ from what you're accustomed to (fried fish with fries and vinegar!), making it a unique culinary experience.

To put it into a nutshell

Our language week in Ireland was an unparalleled experience, merging education and adventure to create an unforgettable journey for our class. This week has left an indelible mark on each of us, broadening our horizons and instilling a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and charm of Ireland. If you ever get the chance to embark on such a project with your classmates, grab the opportunity! You won´t regret it!